Trip Information

For security reasons we will only share details of trip dates and locations once we have established you are genuine.

If you are a survivor who would like to join us on an expedition please read the details below, then get in touch.

Expeditions will be either:

2 nights at base camp with 1 days hiking


2 nights at base camp with 2 days hiking and 1 overnight wild camp.

What you need to do

You must be able to meet us at the campground or along the way (we will try to coordinate lifts with the group)- to be arranged with the expedition group

You must be of a level of fitness to complete the challenge at the time (you will have time to train!)

You will need to be able to carry

On single day adventures a day-sack with your water & lunch, waterproofs and any other kit you may wish to carry (camera etc.).

For overnight adventures you will be carrying in addition to the above: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, bivvy bag and a share of the evening meal and/or cooking gear.  Possibly other shared gear.

Who provides what?

You need to provide your footwear and clothing – including waterproof we’ve ordered it but we can’t guarantee nice weather – the mountains are known for having their own unique climate.  We may well get wet!

We will provide all camping gear, food and transport from the agreed pick up point.   We can advise you on what you need and we are approaching suppliers who may be able to help with discounts.

Who else will be there?

Each expedition will have; a 1st aider, a therapist,and a couple of volunteers who are very experienced in the outdoors.

What the expeditions are and are not:

MGE expeditions are an opportunity for domestic abuse survivors to get away from the pressures of day-to-day life and get some space in the healing outdoors.  It may be that you are new to mountains and countryside, you may be getting back into it, or you may be an old hand, we just want to provide the opportunity for you to lose yourself in nature (don’t worry our mountain leader will keep us on the right trail!).

They are not ‘therapy sessions’, a trained therapist will be with us should you need or want to talk.  The main focus of our expeditions is to challenge ourselves physically and, through this build confidence and self-esteem.

If you want/need to talk, that’s cool – if you don’t want to, that’s cool too.


MGE will take all steps possible to maintain your security & privacy: we will not reveal dates, routes or locations to anyone outside of MGE and the individual expedition, however we cannot guarantee your safety,  and we therefore ask you to think carefully about if you are ready for the adventure. 

We want everyone to stay safe and if this is not the time for you – stay in touch and hopefully we can help at a later date. 

We are happy to discuss your individual  needs with you so we can keep everyone as safe as possible.

If the above all sounds good to you, and you are ready to get your adventure on and conquer some physical and personal mountains get in touch!

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