About Us

Our aim is to support survivors of domestic abuse to regain confidence and self-esteem through outdoor adventures. By taking on a physical challenge and allowing the great outdoors to heal them, we believe survivors can further develop and grow.
All of the money we raise goes directly to running our adventures – everyone on the team is a volunteer.


Jo – Founder

After making my own great escape from a long-term emotionally abusive relationship, I found myself lost and confused.  For 18 years I’d not been me, and like many domestic abuse survivors, I didn’t know who I was.
By rekindling an early love of adventure and being outside I grew in confidence and self-esteem. I conquered real and personal mountains. I found that through connecting with the great outdoors I was able to heal and then build a wonderful new life.
I wanted to be able to share these experiences with other survivors and create opportunities to make this possible.  Leaving an abusive relationship often leaves survivors with little or no support, often with a lack of funds and depleted confidence.  All of which makes getting out and experiencing new things even harder, that’s where we can help.
The vision for My Great Escape is for survivors to support survivors, by showing that not only are we survivors but that together through adventures we can thrive.


I rediscovered my love of the outdoors at 30, after suffering from ME for nearly a decade. Since getting well, I’ve come to realise the power in amazing landscapes and physical challenge, and I want to share that with others. As well as supporting the work of My Great Escape and helping to lead the adventures, I volunteer with Girlguiding to help inspire the next generation of adventurers.
I’m qualified in Outdoor First Aid and will complete my Mountain Leader training this coming spring. My dream is to become an Arctic guide.

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